Strategic Development Program at Siragen Pharmaceuticals

Siragen Pharmaceuticals is a biotechnology company based in San Diego, CA. We aim to help improve the lives of patients suffering from neurodegenerative diseases. We work on discovering and developing drugs that treat aging brain disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Siragen Pharmaceuticals seeks to leverage its technological advances with a strategic development program focused on reaching significant milestones rapidly and providing early exit and significant returns for its investors. Following seed funding, Siragen is now positioned to raise the next financing round from private and equity investors. Siragen Pharmaceuticals is also open to partnering with large institutions and pharmaceuticals companies for potential joint-ventures, co-development and collaboration. For additional information, please contact our business development at

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Become a Partner of Siragen Pharmaceuticals

We are also open to be in partnership with large institutions and pharmaceutical companies for potential joint-ventures, codevelopment, and collaborations. For additional information, get in touch with our Vice-President Business Development at